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How to get playlists on the iPhone 5?

I recently traveled by plane and didn't have access to a wireless network. I was able to listen to some songs that I had previously listened to and I assume they were downloaded as I listened to them. When I got home, I tried to download playlists to the phone. I can't seem to be able to figure out if there is a way to do this.

What am I not seeing?
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If you're talking about songs that you have stored in the iTunes library on your computer, what you want to do in Apple parlance is "Sync" those playlists with your phone. You can do this over USB with the Lightning cable, or over the air with Wi-Fi.

Apple has a document outlining the process here: iOS: Syncing with iTunes.

Basically, you'll connect the phone to your computer, go the Music tab, check off the playlists you wish to sync, and then hit Apply/Sync at the bottom of the window.
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