make the most of my pregnant and unemployment in nyc!
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i am five months pregnant, in NYC and just got fired from my job... now what?

i want to make the most out of my unemployment until baby is born in march. i want to explore this city, go out and enjoy myself on my own, but not spent too much money.
so, what should i do? how should i spend all of this free time? i imagine i won't have much time to myself for quite a few years, and i'm trying to make the most out of this less-than-perfect situation.
i have a blog i'd like to pay more attention to, i'd like to do more yoga and... the rest is up to you!
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did your employer know you are pregnant?
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Do you have rent and basic needs/healthcare taken care of?

Did you get fired for cause or laid off?
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yes employer knew i was pregnant, and i was fired for cause
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Read some loooong books you've always wanted to read. My mother always says she hasn't had the time or energy to get all the way through a book since she had kids.
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If I were you, the first thing I would do would be consult with an employment attorney (unless of course, you did something super fireable -- no need to share here). IANYL.

But to get to your real question, pre-natal yoga sounds fun, long books, tv series, museums, window shopping, a new hobby (knitting some baby booties?!), write, learn to cook some super delicious food.

I don't know how you're feeling, but one of my favorite, favorite things is just to spend a day walking around a neighborhood in NYC that I haven't had a reason to visit in awhile.
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Learn how to cook easy meals that you like eating so that once you have a baby and no free time you are able to prepare meals. If you have a partner who doesn't already cook well and know how to do all household chores, teach them everything.

(I noticed your previous question about a baby gift for your sister)
Babysit your sisters kid in order to build up babysitting favours for yours.

Sort through all your sisters baby-grown-out-of clothes and keep them somewhere useful, sorted by size so you can just grab the next bunch as you need it.

Learn how to sew (or knit, on preview) and make some baby clothes yourself - for the sister's baby too, if you get good at it.

Learn how to be a really good photographer.

Sleep a lot.
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Buy a membership to your favorite museum so you can go there as often as you want... in the cold months, these are some of the best places to spend time in NYC.
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This may be obvious to you, but if you were fired for cause, you will not be able to (legally) collect unemployment. That said, it may be the case that your employer would not contest your claim for unemployment, in which case you could collect it anyway and no one would be the wiser.
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This may be obvious to you, but if you were fired for cause, you will not be able to (legally) collect unemployment.

Respectfully, it would help to look this stuff up before you say it.

Being terminated for cause doesn't automatically mean you'll not get unemployment compensation in the state of New York.

From the state's UI FAQ:

You may be eligible for benefits if:

You lost your job due to lack of work
The temporary or seasonal employment ended
Your job was eliminated
There was an involuntary reduction in force
The company downsized or shut down
The company restructured or reorganized
There was a lack of company operating funds/orders
You were out of work for any other business reason that you did not choose or control
Your employer discharged or fired you because you could not meet their performance or production standards, or their qualifications for the job

You may be denied benefits if you:
Were fired because you violated a company policy, rule or procedure, such as absenteeism or insubordination
Quit your job without good cause, such as a compelling personal reason
Are out of work because of a work stoppage (except for lockouts) in the last 49 days that violated an existing collective bargaining agreement where you worked

So her eligibility depends on what the cause was. If she just couldn't keep up and didn't meet goals, she's likely eligible (assuming she's met all the other requirements listed on the website). If she called out sick or cussed out a supervisor, then probably not.
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internaround.... the term "fired for cause" does not refer to not meeting goals....

The confusion in this question lies with the OP's use of the word "unemployment", we don't know if she means taking advantage of state unemployment benefits or the fact that she is not currently employed and has time for some discretionary activities.

A clarification might make this thread more useful...
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The two things I've really wished I'd done before having the first baby was:
1) put all of my stuff in order, ALL OF IT - gone through every room, thrown out all the extra cruft, organized and filed all the papers, etc. The attic, the basement, the closets, the boxes I hadn't opened since college
2) established regular routines and habits for chores, expectations for running the household (I'm married, so for both me and my husband, who does what and when, etc.)

The first one is because I've never had time since to really thoroughly put the household in order, and I feel very often like I'm holding back the dam from bursting with my two hands and a prayer. I need hours of focus to get projects like that done and I just don't have those hours uninterrupted anymore. This is a continual stress to me that I have too much stuff, too much stuff I don't use, and I often know that I have something but don't know where it is.

The second one is because it would make my life so much easier now if I'd gotten into some regular routines back then. Babies and small children operate on routines and "whenever I get to it" isn't good enough when it's more than just you to take care of; when things get a little bumpy (like I get sick) running the household seems to fall apart pretty quickly, which it wouldn't if things were a bit more structured. It's much easier to establish those habits before a baby arrives to blow them all up.
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[Folks, barring some sort of elaboration by the asker, maybe leave the unemployment insurance issue as read?]
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yes, i'll be able to collect unemployment.
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but I mean that i want to take advantage of this time when I'm not employed.
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Two museums that I know of have periodic free admission; MoMA is free every Friday after 4 pm, and the Brooklyn Museum is free the first Saturday of every month. Those are both because of huge subsidies from Target - here's a list of all the community things Target is sponsoring in New York. And while I'm at it, here's a list of all the free-and-suggested-donation museums in the city. (And feel no guilt about paying only a few bucks for the "suggested donation" museums - you'll hit them up for more when you have money again, yeah?).

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden also has free hours on the weekdays. I actually prefer it to the big king botanic garden in the Bronx - it seems somehow more manageable because of its smaller size, you know?
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The BBG is actually free to enter on Saturdays before noon. I think they may have one free day in addition to that but I'm not sure.
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It's free year-round on Tuedsays, but in winter it's free every weekday.
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