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Help me prepare for "Geo for Good Down Under" at Google HQ Australia. Details on my spatial tech knowledge inside.

I've been accepted to Geo for Good Down Under in two weeks. The workshop will introduce Google Maps API and Engine and Google Earth API and Engine as well as fusion tables for agencies working for public benefit.

I am a teacher and have moved from the classroom to working with schools who want to use spatial tech in the classroom. I have some background at uni in GIS and have experience with Google Maps and Earth as well as ArcGIS 3,9 and 10.

What resources are there out there that I might play with (and share with other teachers) as a simple way to get started with these tools before the workshop? Classroom-specific would be great, but any resources that effectively show the user how to create and publish great maps with these tools would be very appreciated.
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For freely-available data, you might want to look at the section of the OpenStreetMap wiki.

Do be aware of data licensing issues if you have a class or community group contributing to local Google content. What's submitted to Google becomes Google's to do what they will with. Data submitted to OpenStreetMap will never be locked away like that.
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Seconding OpenStreetMap, and adding the LearnOSM tutorial. It's really easy to follow.
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