Tokyo flea market this weekend
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Tokyo flea market this Sunday? Google-fu dekimasendeshita!

Are there any flea markets in Tokyo this Sunday (October 28th)?
Google gives me lots of locations but no details regarding events this weekend. Bonus points if you can tell me if Togo shrine market is still operational... Doomo!
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I can't vouch for the quality of info, but this page lists many for this weekend. (translated)
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The Togo shrine flea market has been discontinued.

There appears to be a flea market scheduled in Hanazono Shrine (Japanese link) in Shinjuku on the 28th.

Not Tokyo, but Naritasan Temple is holding its antique market on the 28th.

Akagi Market in Kagurazaka.

Lohas Festa in Hikarigaoka.

Koenji Fes.

If you can read Japanese, there are more flea markets listed on the right hand column of this page under "今週のフリマ".

Happy shopping!
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Response by poster: Great - thanks for these links... My japanese needs practice but google transalet is my friend!

While I'm here thought I'd see if you have any tips for vintage shopping in Nagoya?
posted by sconbie at 8:47 PM on October 23, 2012 -- click on the PDF and it'll give you a listing of everything in the Tokyo area until at least Friday. And on Friday go back to the website again and there will be another issue.
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