Where to get fun tops that actually fit?
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Where can I find appropriately swanky evening wear (specifically tops) for a no-longer twentysomething with an active social schedule?

I can't seem to find the tops I want. They should be low cut (or have fun backless or halter neck detail), fitted through the waist, and short (but not cropped). Not the long/drapey/empire waist stuff that seems to be entirely ubiquitous these days. Size 2-4 or extra small. Something sophisticated and well made in terms of fabric and finish. Sequins and shine (in moderation!) a bonus. Where on earth can I locate such items? Looking for stores in Toronto or on-line merchants that ship to Canada.
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You might try to look around pinterest.
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I like Mango for that sort of thing.
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Try the Eaton Centre or Yorkdale or Fairview Mall or Scarborough Towne Centre. Or Sherway.
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Black House White Market have a lot of "festive" tops.

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Bloomingdales always has a wide selection. Also Ann Taylor has a nice new winter line out. Sparkly. And if you want to splurge, I always find nice stuff in saks fifth ave.
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Shopbop ships free and has a "night out" section that might help, though much of it is drapey right now (this is fitted, though, with an interesting neckline).

ASOS also ships free and has decent options. This is loose but short and backless. This is a bit cropped but maybe not if you're short.

Bailey44 tends to favour fitted styles. Revolve (free shipping) carries them, though nothing jumps out at me right now.

(If you check my profile I have a list of shops that ship to Canada, including the shipping price.)
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Thanks for the suggestions, and to be clear--I have shopped the heck out of all the usual downtown malls and stores in Toronto. I'm not used to experiencing such a shopping fail :(
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It's not easy to find low-cut, tight-fitting tops right now unless you're willing to go to the bustier/bralet/bodysuit extreme; even the Victoria's Secret 'Sexy Tops' category is full of ponchos right now.

Maybe try these from Tahari, Aritzia, BCBG and two, Bebe?

...have you thought about wearing dresses? Tight, low-cut dresses are still in style :)
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Bonus: sale today
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Have you tried Rent the Runway?
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OK, I am thoroughly enjoying the offerings at ASOS. Has anyone ever ordered from them? How is the fit and quality?
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Asos is hit or miss for me - some things are really nice, some things aren't as good quality as I've hoped. Fit has been fine (going by their size charts).

They do free shipping and free return shipping though, so it's no-risk to order something and see if it works for you!
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Asos sells a bunch of different brands so the fit and quality really depends on the brand. Like insectosaurus said, they do free shipping and returns (and these days are really fast, even to the US) so it's not a huge issue. You'd do well to pay attention to the materials the items are made of and steer clear of the extremely artificial stuff (polyester, rayon etc.).
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