What freelancers' groups sell health insurance to members in Portland, Oregon?
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I need to buy health insurance in Portland, Oregon and I'm wondering if there are any professional guilds or Freelancer's Union-type groups that sell health insurance.

In this question, SpecialK said:
There are several creative guilds in Portland that offer group plan insurance if you're a member; if you're freelancing in IT you'll qualify to join at least one of them. I can't remember names or contact info right now though.
I am freelancing in IT. I can't find any information about these groups anywhere. The only thing that comes up in Google is Freelancer's CO-OP, which isn't going to start selling coverage for another year. Freelancer's Union also doesn't sell health plans in Oregon.

Is there anything worth checking out or should I stick with ehealthinsurance.com and brokers?
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Some credit unions offer good insurance plans to their members.
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