Help me find the hoodie from Prometheus
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I have finally seen Prometheus and am now involved in a difficult emotional relationship with that movie. I feel that this relationship would be a lot easier if I could have something like the hoodie this idiot wears. My twitchy, obsessive googling has not borne much useful fruit as to anywhere that I could currently purchase such an item to be worn. DIFFICULTY LEVEL: MEN'S XXL SIZE.
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Try "snood hoodie" instead of "cowl hoodie."
posted by griphus at 12:03 PM on October 23, 2012

There are a bunch of options linked from this thread on; anything work from there?
posted by bcwinters at 12:05 PM on October 23, 2012

Looks similar to the Fruit of the Loom Seattle Snoodie.
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Searching for "turtleneck hoodie" brought me to this, although it doesn't have the drawstrings.
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Yeah, I shook down that thread pretty hard, bcwinters. Stuff's either not available or not available for someone of my girth. I guess I should also add added difficulty level: must ship to USA!
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You might have good luck commissioning one in your perfect size and color from one of the people on Etsy who make men's clothing. I glanced around Etsy and found several cowlneck hoodies for men, but they weren't exactly like the one you linked to.
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Maybe you should ask ThinkGeek to make one. :)
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This one is pretty close, except for the color obviously. Comes in xxl and ships to the US (for free even!).
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Throwing a box of cash and my measurements at someone who knows how to sew will probably be the path I end up taking, but I also put this question to Tumblr, and someone provided this helpful post, for anyone who comes seeking knowledge in this post in the future.
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It was probably purpose-made by the costumers for the film. Sort of a "What would a hoodie evolve into?" thing. A familiar-ish article of clothing yet just different enough.
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I was never able to find something or have something made, until today my stepmom pulled this seemingly out of thin air at the mall, and BY GOD, IT IS CLOSE ENOUGH. That cowl neck totally hoodies up.
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