Exericse/therapy spots near Shinjuku, Tokyo?
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Living in Shinjuku, Japan. I have been rather stressed lately due to a variety of factors. Please help me find both exercise locations (cheap gyms, jogging routes) and inexpensive (but decent) counseling/therapy around the Shinjuku, Japan area.

Hi all,

I have been having some problems which I won't get into with this question - as a result, I've been under a lot of stress. I'd like to deal with this stress in a healthy way, through exercise and counseling.

I am living in Shinjuku (Higashi Shinjuku, to be exact). I'd like to find both scenic areas to jog within a reasonable distance, as well as cheap gyms since winter is fast approaching.

Whatever form of exercise, the cheaper the better (free is ideal!). I am open to both aerobic and anaerobic (weight training). I used to pay 20 dollars a month at my gym in America, and I simply can't afford the prices many gyms in Tokyo seem to cost.

Besides that - I would also like to enter therapy to talk about said problems. I am not on health insurance at the moment, so am not really sure where to start. I would be willing to travel a bit farther if it is someone with a good reputation that is reasonably priced.

Do you think I will be able to find affordable, helpful English-speaking therapists around this area? Or is it best to try and get on some kind of insurance?

Thanks in advance!
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For counseling, I would definitely call the Tokyo English Life Line, at 03-5774-0992. I would be super surprised if they didn't have a list of counselors that you could go to in person (they will also talk you through things over the phone). All in English. Good luck!
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Ah, turns out they also have an actual counseling center in Tokyo. The number for the counseling center is 03-4550-1146.
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I can't help with the counseling part, but if you live in Shinjuku, why not use the Shinjuku Sports Center for exercise? It's not free, but it's only several hundred yen for each session. I used to use the pool and play basketball there way back when, and it's a decent facility.
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I also remembered the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium after I posted the above comment, but they seem to be temporarily closed for renovations until the end of next March. But if you're going to be here until then and still want to exercise, it's an awesome place to make use of because ever since the fitness club Tipness took over its operations in 2006, it's like a private gym with great facilities that anyone can use for a reasonable fee. I love the 50m pool there.
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Thanks for the advice so far, people.

Does anyone have any tips as far as outside running goes? Not on streets or anything, but someplace a bit more scenic. I heard Yoyogi Park was nice, but it's a bit far.
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Also, if there are any gyms that are a bit cheaper I would love to know - I will be planning to go almost every day. I've heard of 200 yen-a-day gyms in Shibuya, but haven't been able to find anything like that in Shinjuku so far.
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Final point: I would also certainly be open to learning a martial art for more than I'd be willing to pay gym-wise, if anyone has trained around the Shinjuku area.
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I know it's reddit, but r/Japan is generally really good.


Martial arts, check out what metropolis wrote:


The area around the imperial palace is very often used for running (it's CNN go but well it's OK I suppose): http://www.cnngo.com/tokyo/play/10-best-places-run-tokyo-932431
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