WordPress redirect from "post" to "page"?
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WordPressFilter: My WordPress blog uses Atahualpa. I have "posts" which I would like to appear in the menu bar where "pages" appear. Is there a "right way" to do this?

My current solution is a plugin that, for a separate "page" entry in the menu bar, does a "301 Permanent" redirect to the permalink of the "post". So from a user-clicking-through standpoint it seems that I have a working solution.

Is that solution sub-optimal, from either a design/organization standpoint (seems it is), or from a confuse-the-search-engines standpoint? And, if so, what's the better/correct way to achieve the same result?
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What you need, then is a Custom Menu. Based on the theme page for Atahualpa, I can't tell if it supports that -- if it does, you'll have an entry under Appearance > Menus and will able to create one and put it in the right spot.
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artlung has it right. You can utilize WordPress' visual menuing system to achieve what you want. Atahualpa does indeed support custom menus.

You'll need to visit Appearance > Menus in your wp-admin.

First, go to Screen Options (a tab at the top of the page) and make sure the "Posts" section is enabled. Then, choose the post you want to add to the menu, click 'Add to Menu' and then save. You'll also need to add your existing pages in manually to keep your navigation the same.
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