Cookie Monster Watches TV?
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In the Sesame Street sketch Conservation with my Father, what is playing on the TV?

Specifically, the part starts here.

Nothing earth shattering. But the wife and I couldn't figure it out.
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Looks very Hanna-Barbera (Dino looking dinosaur, stopping the vehicle with feet out the bottom), but I can't place it.
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The music sounds like it's from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, but the animation, while it looks familiar (reminds me of Bob Clampett), is beyond my ken.
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Here is a cartoon database that might or might not be helpful. I tried "dinosaur", "bird", "dragon" and "parrot" but wasn't patient enough to comb through all the results. The detailed search option lets you look by animator, which might be useful to someone with more knowledge of cartoon styles than I have.
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I think that was probably created for production. Sesame Workshop probably wouldn't have had the means to license another studio's cartoons, so it's possible that their taskforce of talented designers and artists included some animators and they made their own for this segment on conservation. You could always email them and ask though. I bet somebody would respond.
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Dragon Tales? It was a PBS production so licensing wouldn't have been as big an issue.
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I can't ID it so far, but it isn't the right animation style for Dragon Tales.
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