Recommend me a mascara upgrade from Max Factor Masterpiece Max.
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Recommend me a mascara upgrade from Max Factor Masterpiece Max.

I've been using Max Factor Masterpiece Max since it came out a few years ago. I like it because it's proper black, never, ever smudges on me, but also comes off easily with drugstore eyemakeup remover. I'm looking for an "upgrade" to something a bit better. I'm happy to pay. I've tried Clinique Lash Power Mascara, which did not smudge but also wasn't black/volumey enough. I then tried Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express Waterproof, which was nice and dark, but very smudgey on me and impossible to get off easily.

I would prefer a tubing mascara (so that if it leaves my lashes it's in flakes rather than smudges). It doesn't have to be waterproof but it must be smudge-proof. I have watery eyes (?) and mascaras other people swear won't budge smudge on me. Basically I think I'm looking for whatever higher end product Max Factor Masterpiece is a dupe of. Any ideas?
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Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara. Totally tubular!
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I tried this stuff after I got it as a sample and it is the only non-drugstore beauty item I'm willing to pay for: Lancome's Hypnose Drama.
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Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume is the first mascara I've ever tried that I actually love. Goes on beautifully (zero clumping), makes my fairly sparse lashes look awesome, and never smudges.
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There aren't a lot of tubing mascaras around. You could try Blinc, but I found that it didn't add any volume or at all - it just darkened my lashes.

I have a makeup blog & have talked about mascara with lots of people. From those discussions, it seems like mascara is very individual - what works for one person won't necessarily work for another, though of course some formulas are better than others for most people. So, rather than get recommendations and buy full-size tubes, you may want to buy something like Sephora's mascara sampler - which will give you the opportunity to try lots of different mascaras. I got it last year (on sale, after the holidays), and it's how I found some new mascara favorites.
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Fairy Drops
L'Oreal Beauty Tubes
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For no smudging, try fiber mascara; most brands are Japanese: Fiberwig, Fairy Drops, Kiss Me Heroine Make, Dolly Wig, Majolica Majorca...

They're formulated for Asian women who are prone to smudging due to eye shape, straight lashes, and high humidity. They. Don't. Smudge. Personally I use Kiss Me Heroine Make, which requires buying a specific remover (that you apply like mascara with a wand). I think you can find Fiberwig at Sephora for sure, and others at Asian beauty stores/markets or
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Japanese mascaras are often very good! Try dejavu fiberwig for length (but minimal volume)
or Clarins Double Fix
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I've used Blinc, but most tubing mascaras are too heavy to hold a curl, so they don't provide much volume. You might have to sacrifice volume for tubes.

Right now I really like my Lorac Multiplex 3D Lashes. The curved brush does seem to add volume. It doesn't smudge on me, but I don't have watery eyes.

You should also ask this question over at MakeupAlley. Really that's where all makeup questions should live.
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Birchbox sent me a sample Chantecaille mascara and I usually loathe mascara but this one is nice and smells good. It doesn't irritate my allergic to everything eyes either!

I think it's $42 a tube. 'Spensive,Lucy.
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I'm recommending you Cannonball by Urban Decay. I bought mine at Sephora for under $40. I have very watery eyes, and Cannonball is the first mascara that will last me for TWO days with no smudges and no flaking either. It's really like magic for my eyelashes.
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I love Blinc. If you go to Sephora, you may be able to get a sample or be able to try it out, so I'd do that. But you can also just go to Sephora generally, describe what you want, and get a lot of options.
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My favorite mascara of all time is Lancome Defincils. For me, it's the kind of mascara that makes people ask what kind of mascara I'm wearing.

I loved Blinc, but didn't love the tiny black tubes all over my sink.

But I agree with whoever said that mascara really does vary from person to person. Either that, or all of those people who said Maybelline Great Lash is awesome are dirty liars! That stuff leaves black circles under my eyes.
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Everyone's eyelashes are different, my advice to you is to go to Sephora, if there's one near you, and just systematically try as many as you can. Get them to help you pick the best ones for your needs then do this - Put one kind on one eye, and the second on the other eye. Keep the container next the to respective hand. Pick which one you like better, then remove the mascara from the losing eye, and try on a new one. Compare the new one to the previous winner. Continue to do this until you find the one you like best. If you can't tell why some work or don't, again, ask the sephora staff. They will also give you samples to try in the wild.
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If you're on a budget, Cover Girl Lashblast 24 might fit the bill. It's not a tubing mascara, but it's one of the few that doesn't smudge on me, and holds a curl pretty well.
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Just jumping back in to suggest that you DO NOT try out mascaras in a Sephora store. You could end up with an eye infection. I know they have disposable wands, but I see people using the mascara's non-disposable wand all the time, which then contaminates the mascara when they put it back in.

Better to try out a sample set or buy one then return if it doesn't work for you.
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Seconding Lancome's Definicils. I get panda eyes constantly due to a combination of my eye shape, poker straight lashes and oily lids. The Definicils formula and skinny brush adds volume and lengthens my lashes without those hassles. I recommend using Definicils on your top lashes, and a tubing mascara on the lower lashes to create a pretty, wide-eyed look.
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