My, what big racks you let me use them
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I have 2 audio cassette racks that are now cassette-less. Looking for something to do with them around / in the house. Could I use them to grow plants? Any ideas welcome, unique, strange, crazy, stupid, they're all good.

One of them measures 20" x 11.5" x 2.5" divided into 4 columns, the other is 16.5" x 16" x 3" in 3 columns. Pic of them here.

Just wondering how / in what ways I can use them around the house.

One way I thought of is growing stuff in them, but I wonder if they'll be too shallow for any plants to take root (haha). If I had a playing card collection maybe I could use them to sort out the decks. But I can't think what else they could be good for, and I'd like some suggestions before I give up and chuck'em over to Goodwill.
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People make things out of cassettes or in the shape of cassettes (phone cases, wallets, change purses, soap, etc.). I might keep a few old cassettes that I couldn't part with in the upper left and use the other bays for the up-cycled/ironically-designed, actually usable item(s).
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You could grow some cacti/succulents, though the sections without drainage holes would need to be drilled. If you pick plants that are small and slow-growers they should last for years in that amount of root space.
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Mini shelving units? You could cut some wooden blocks down to the size of a cassette to use as individual shelves, and then you could hang those cases on the wall (or place the whole thing on a larger shelf) to display various knick-knacks or doodads.
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Spice racks
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