Can you help me find a cap that would keep me comfortable at night?
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Bald man seeks a sleeping cap. Can you help me find a cap that would keep me comfortable at night?

I am bald, and I shave my head. With the return of colder weather, I've noticed that it's harder for me to be comfortable when trying to fall asleep. My body might be cozy under the covers, but my head can get too cool to be comfortable. Turning up the heat in the winter is neither a cost-effective option, nor one that would appeal to my wife (with whom I share a bed) or kids (who sleep in separate rooms).

I'd like to try a sleeping cap and, before I start experimenting, I thought I'd ask you if you have any ideas or suggestions. Here are some possibly relevant details:

- I often wear toque-style wool/synthetic hats when outdoors in the winter and generally find them comfortable. The same is true for the baseball caps I generally wear in warmer weather.

- I don't know that I've ever seen a sleeping cap in real life... my idea of them is some sort of Victorian "Night Before Christmas"-style long cap, which looks pretty ridiculous (and also seems like it might be a choking hazard). But, hey, if they're good, I'd be willing to try them.

- Due to chronic shoulder pain, I tend to toss, turn, and thrash a fair amount when I sleep. I'd therefore prefer a cap that wouldn't be too easily dislodged.

- I've Googled "sleeping caps" and there seems to be a range of the long-topped version, toques, and fleece "beanie" styles out there. I'm pretty agnostic as to style, but I do think something more minimalist might be a little more comfortable...?

- I guess I would worry a bit that some materials would be TOO warm... perhaps this suggests that cotton or another lighter material would be appropriate?

I am very willing to experiment with hats that I have or could obtain at a bricks and mortars store or online, but I would welcome any insight from those who've used sleeping caps in the past. (Or from those who think I'm overlooking some other sort of option to keep my noggin warm at night!) Thank you.
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I slept in the pocket hat one winter when our heater was not working properly. It's lightweight, but wool, so very warm. You can pull it over your ears or not and it still fits. I don't know how much I toss and turn, but it never came off unless I took it off. Plus, it's wool, so it doesn't really get smelly. Usually, I wear it under my bike helmet because it has a really low profile.
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I'm not bald, yet, but the times I've randomly elected to shave my head have tended to be Januaries in Nebraska. I usually just go to bed wearing a bandana or a standard-issue knit cap.

I'm not sure what to Google for, but I have a thin, low-profile sort of stocking cap thing that's meant to go under a bike helmet. That might work pretty well.
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I would say get a buff, you should be fine. You can get in merino or fleece if you find the regular one doesn't cut the mustard, but I think you will find it is enough.
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Not a bald dude myself, but when my head/neck gets cold in the winter I just sleep in a hoodie. There's no hat to lose in the covers if I take it off in my sleep, and it's always there to put back on if I realize I'm cold again. If it's too hot for the rest of your body just chop off the sleeves and maybe cut a v-neck in the front.
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As a knitter, obviously I support your decision to wear a wool cap. But as someone who lives in a cold house (wood stove only) in a chilly damp climate (Pacific Northwest) I personally sleep with my head beneath another pillow.

That sounds weird. I'm trying to think of a way to make it sound less weird. I'm afraid that explaining it more will only make it sound EVEN MORE weird, but here goes.

A few years ago I bought a cat bed which my cats ignored. It had a removable insert which was oval, roughly throw-pillow shaped, and 100% wool. It had a wool fleece outside, and was somehow stuffed with wool as well. Yet it is thin, only about 2" thick. This means that it is also lightweight.

I keep a pillowcase on it, both to reduce the texture distraction and for all my head sweat.

Although I am female and have lots of hair, I too also toss and turn. I have tried to sleep with hats, and failed. The pillow is large enough that I can toss and turn under it, and it stays sort of propped over the top of my head, leaving my nose and mouth perfectly free for breathing. It is also much easier to find by groping around, compared to a wool hat that inevitably gets wedged behind the mattress or mixed up with the sheets.

If I didn't have this particular pillow, I would probably experiment with small blankets (like a baby's fleece blanket) folded up and slipped inside a pillow case. The key is to find something light enough that you don't feel smothered, but substantial enough to trap some heat.
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When I've gone winter camping, a standard toque has always worked well for me. If you find yourself getting too hot, it's not a chore to simply pull it off in the middle of the night.
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Lee Valley has a classic nightcap for $8.95.
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Another bald guy here. Who sleeps with my head about eight inches from a single-pane window, and has the exact same problem you do. I wear my acrylic winter cap OR duck under the covers OR put another pillow over my head OR grab any random article of clothing within reach and create a little babushka for myself. So I don't exactly have an answer, but that thin wool cap that crush-onastick points to may end up on my Christmas list...
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I am a bald(ing) may with a close shaved head and I sleep with a running hat. I have picked up several of them as sponsor giveaways for winter runs and they work perfectly for me. They are quite warm, stay on well through the night and are not itchy at all. I refer to it ironically as my 'sexy sleeping hat.'
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Take a look at the J rollup cotton hats at I bought one for a friend who'd lost her hair after chemo. They're unisex.

Also, what about about a wig cap? It's basically stocking-like material that people wear over the hair and under a wig. They're super cheap, one size fits all and get be purchased at any beauty supply place.
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My good friend who is hair challenged wears a Nike athletic skull cap to sleep. He has one just for sleeping. He wears different ones when he bikes or does other athletics that require a helmet because they wisk away sweat and prevent chafing.
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I put a down pillow between my head and the wall/headboard and mush my head into it. I toss and turn a lot, too, and while you'd think your head would be constantly coming unstuck from the pillow, it doesn't. In fact, that's why I don't wear a hat--they twist off in the night. And as a restless sleeper, sleeping in a hoodie always makes me feel like I'm being strangled.
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Wow, this is great! Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I particularly like the pocket hat, running hat and Nike skull cap ideas. Keep them coming!
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Shaved-head New Englander here. I've had something like this for years now. It rarely stays on all night, but I only need it while I'm trying to doze off, and it does fine for that. I pair it with an LL Bean Flannel Nightshirt for maximum old-timey comfort and style.
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