With your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!
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Clueless guy needs help finding makeup and ingredients for Captain Planet Halloween costume!

So I've decided to live out my childhood fantasy of being Captain Planet for Haloween this year. I have an idea of what I need to put together a costume but really have no experience with buying body paint or green hair spray (trying not to poison myself basically). Here's a photo of what I'm modeling after:




So in terms of supplies, I'd likely need:

Hair Spray (Green)
Body Paint (Blue)
Yellow cardboard to glue onto red shirt for emblem (?)
Ridiculous red gloves
Ridiculous red speed rife with black belt
Blue leggings
Red shoes

I'm located in NYC and would like some help on where I can acquire these things. I am fine ordering online (bonus points for Amazon) so any help with the tricky parts (what type of paint would be best, where to get the speedo/leggings, how to make the belt) would be especially appreciated. Beyond that, I will be trolling a thrift shop for a red T.

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It looks like you don't really need body paint, just face paint. The guy in the reference photo seems to be wearing blue leggings and a sheer blue top and just has his face painted. Much less messy and complicated that way.
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Can you make the emblem out of felt instead? It would probably look better.

Blue leggings may be hard, but if you can find WHITE leggings (cotton-y ones, not synthetic ones) you should be able to dye them.

Red shoes - get an old pair of sneakers and spray paint them red. You can also get winter gloves and spray paint them red too. (For costumes like this, the more DIY things look, the better IMO)

Wicked awesome costume idea, dude.
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I'd suggest a unitard for the blue; not only is paint messier, it's likely to be chilly and I don't think you want to be running around on a cold night in just a half top and underwear. I found these for gloves; you can always cut them down to size if you need to.

You also could use an iron-on decal for the emblem. They're really easy. You'll just have to make the design and then print it.

For the hair, you could get a green wig or if you're set on hair color, any beauty supply store (or even places like Target and KMart) will have colored hair spray. You'll need a LOT of it, though.

Face paint can be obtained at a costume store. These sport briefs are considerably cheaper than Speedos.

The belt would be easy enough to make with fabric scraps.
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For the leggings, red shirt, red speedo/underpants, and maybe the gloves: American Apparel. Obviously, since you'll be cutting it up, maybe a generic T would be better/cheaper.

If you already have a black belt, use it. Use gold felt (available at a craft store or Amazon) for the buckle and the globe logo. Both can probably be attached with spray adhesive, but I'd probably use adhesive velcro for the buckle so you don't ruin your belt AND so the buckle actually stays on through the night.

Red shoes: here

Green wig (probably easier than dye): here. Not a lot of good options for men's wigs in the color you want. Maybe a hairdresser would trim and style it for you?
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Excellent help everyone. My hair is actually somewhat captain-planet esque (I lack the bodacious mullet action atm) so I think haircolor/spray is the best option. I'll def check AA for the leggings although it will undoubtedly be awkward hah
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Another vote to go for paint only on the face -- if you go the bodypaint route, everything you so much as slightly graze will turn blue.
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