Help with web monitoring of my nonprofit's name and logo?
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Help me set up a Google Alerts, Analytics or other search to spot sketchy use of my nonprofit’s name and logo!

I’m not fluent in internet searches but I learn fast. I want to set up a search (or multiple searches) of websites, as well as Facebook and also YouTube for video. My goal is to look for sketchy use of my nonprofit’s name so I can decide whether to take action for illegal use of our name and logo. That means that I don’t want to monitor my organization’s own website, which seems to be the purpose of Google Analytics. I also want to be able to weed out mention of our name in mainstream newspapers, which is likely to be legitimate. Rather, I want to see what else is coming up out there. Maybe a few Google Alerts are the way to go – in which case can you help me set this up? But maybe there are other tools I should know about? Also, do I need to set up separate searches for YouTube, Facebook and Twitter?

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I just started using this great tool called IFTTT (If This, Then That). You could easily set that up to send you email alerts.

Basically you would go to a site like YouTube, and search for your company. Then you give IFTTT the URL of that search, and if there are any new hits on the search it sends you an email (or text or whatever you want).

However if it's something that is going to get a lot of false positives, you might want to set up filters in your email to send all IFTTT alerts into a certain folder so it doesn't clog up your inbox!
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