Gadgets, and gizmos, and gear, oh my!
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I spend a lot of time cruising the web during my slow days at work. One of the things I love are websites with cool "gear" for guys. Help me find more!

A favorite is They post some awesome stuff, but during a slow week I find myself checking it 15 times a day with few updates. I like retail websites also, my current infatuation has been I'm just looking for websites to find cool stuff. My major problem with Uncrate is that 90% of the items are way out of everyone's price range, excluding the 1%, so I would prefer suggestions with more down to earth pricing options.
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EDC (Everyday Carry)
Cool Tools
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Not straight-up men's stuff, but Fab showcases some killer and surprisingly affordable stuff.
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Gear Hungry is pretty good.
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Seconding Cool Tools. I contributed a review of my own awhile back (Doctor Brown's Baby Bottles, in case you're interested) and was rewarded with a place on the mailing list. For awhile, that meant getting a sneak peak at the reviews before they were posted. Most of the stuff featured is fairly inexpensive.
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Tools & Toys
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Bless This Stuff
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Thank you all for the great responses. I did want to add one more of my own. While you may become inundated with wedding plans and DIY baby clothes, Pinterest is also a great site to find some neat things across the entire spectrum of the web, depending on who's boards you follow.
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