The Conical Asian Hat. Filipino.
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Anybody know where one can purchase a "Conical Asian Hat" in San Francisco or East Bay? We are particularly interested in getting a Filipino-style one because they are very attractive.

(I am Filipino.)
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They sell those in Chinatown from 2-5 dollars, or somewhere in that range. The quality tends to be low, however, considering the stores that sell the are those tourist traps. I don't know if they're the flilipino style you want, though.
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I'd check Daly City or South SF for Filipino-specific ones.
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I would try calling up the Bayanihan Community Center. They might know where to get the real deal.
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I'd try Chinatown or Cost Plus, in the city. There's something called the Hat Club at Serramonte, but that seems to be more Cap oriented.

(Man, now I'm craving lumpia and pansit.)
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I've seen them at REI (made of fabric, not woven from straw) but not recently. In Japan, these hats are called gasa (related to kasa or umbrella) but I dunno what the Vietnamese or Filipinos call 'em.
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