Please suggest a great buyer's agent in Tampa
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Can you suggest a great buyer's agent in Tampa? Mr. Doodley and I are looking to move to the Central/North Tampa area (roughly from South Seminole Heights up to North Lowry Park/Manor Hills neighborhoods).

We're mainly looking for stuff in the west-central part of the city, roughly bounded by Hillsborough (would go down to MLK or even Columbus in good blocks*) up to Busch, and from about Florida Avenue to about Armenia Ave.

We're looking for rough-to-good houses in decent* neighborhoods, and we're not afraid to fix stuff - so a shopping range of about $30,000-$90,000. I specify all this because I figure an agent would want to know that we don't want a 3,500 sf McMansion, but also the financing might be interesting because we're not opposed to a moderate amount of fixer-uppering.

*Good/decent blocks to me doesn't necessarily mean the heat pump and water heater have never been stolen - it just means that there aren't gangs of copper thieves rampaging around and beating up homeowners.
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