Best Camcorder for me?
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Best Camcorder for under $300?

Will be shooting lots of walking/moving scenes....

So I definitely need O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilization)
I would like it to be able to play back 720p in Slow-Mo

That's all I care about...

Tired of wading through fake reviews and lack thereof for camcorders. I'm new in this field.
Just would like some honest advice from anyone here!

Bottom line is, I need 720p for youtube, ability to play back slow-mo at 720p, and good optical image stabilization.

Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm looking at a camcorder that can do all of this or that is severely lacking..
If it's possible, any recommendation on microphone types/models/makes would be greatly appreciated as well!
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Two thoughts: First, I was pleasantly surprised by YouTube's stabilization algorithm. Here's a video I took while running around with the dog, and here it is stabilized. I'm sure most video editing programs would have something similar.

Second, your best bet for a smooth shot is a homemade steadicam and lots of practice with it. There are tons of tutorials online.
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Response by poster: Steadicam? I definitely didn't explain this right. I'll be hiking through rough terrain, chopping trees, filming construction, etc. etc. Driving in a car... random places I'll tape it.
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Get the new GoPro Hero 3 Black. $400, but offers killer slomo capabilities.
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