Workplace self-help book recommendation?
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Has anyone read a good self-help book about dealing with stressful jobs/workplaces?

Workplace is busy, often frustrating, many balls in the air and staff often pushed to/past limits of competence/organizational ability. I don't think it's dysfunctional, exactly, it's just an innately stressy type of working environment. I want to do the best I can in this situation for the workplace and my own sanity.

There are so many self-help books out there... what are the good ones?

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The workplace you describe sounds under-resourced and disrespectful of work-life balance. Somebody is making decisions that create a stressy work environment - it doesn't just happen. Your description reminds me a little of this (blog post, not a book).

When I was in a stressful environment (one that was stressful more for personality issues than pace), I found Working with You Is Killing Me to be helpful. Again, it is more focused on dealing with difficult personalities.

If the stress really is just work pace-related, perhaps books focused on organization will help. Getting Things Done is a classic that works well for many people.
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Thank you! I'll check them out. That blog post is illuminating.
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