Mac browser stats?
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Where can I find updated statistics on Mac browser usage?

I'd really like to know the precentage of users of Safari versus IE versus Firefox on the Mac platform. It would be nice to know when I can start ignoring Mac IE when developing sites. ;)
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The best statistics for this are those that you collect yourself. If you have access to full logfiles with user-agent strings, run them through a logfile analyzer to see who is visiting the sites you develop, not some other site with questionable methodology (I can't believe how many sites still break down visitors between vague Netscape and IE categories). You can also use javascript and a server-side scripting language such as PHP to log other things such as screen size and color depth. I used that at my last job to convince the powers that be that we could stop worrying about web safe colors.
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As zsazsa hinted at, it's not really an issue of generalities. My Apple site I developed gets FAR more MacIE visitors than some Microsoft site out there, thus developing with MacIE in mind is more important to me.
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