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Book Filter: I'd like to reread a book that I read sometime in the 80s. I was sure that it was called 'Corner Store' and was in a Reader's Digest Condensed volume, but Wikipedia, Google, and Amazon seem to disagree.

I was also sure it was about a Jewish girl whose parents owned a corner store in Winnipeg. I half-remember a section about the girl wanting to buy her non-Jewish teacher a Christmas gift and eventually persuading her mom. It was the first 'adult' book I read and my own mom suggested it.
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Have you already ruled out Corner Store by Bess Kaplan, about a Jewish girl in Winnipeg in the 1930s?
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That was my suggestion.
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From someone's book blog, apparently
Corner Store
by Bess Kaplan
This book is written in first person narrative (which I love). The narrator is Rebecca Devine. She is a young Jewish girl living with her mother, father and little brother, Simply Simon, around the 1940s. They live underneath her father's non-Kosher butcher shop. Rebecca has to deal with the hatred from her fellow Jews because her father sells unkosher meat and she also must deal with the racist attacks she recieves from some non-Jews. This is a really great novel and I love Rebecca's strong character. I'm not going to say too much about where the story goes because I'll give away the best parts. But definitly read this book.
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Response by poster: Wow! I feel like I should give the same standard response of 'I did look, really I did!' that I give the supermarket employees when they show me the item I'm looking for that is right in front of me. Thanks!
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