Weird giant fig-things
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What the heck is this mysterious fruit/vegetable? Pics inside.

Found this on a walk in our neighborhood here in Richmond, VA. Each is about the size of a lime, and similar in color. We thought they were huge figs since the leaves look a little fig-like, but the interior doesn't seem to match. The inside doesn't smell like much of anything, maybe a little astringent like a black walnut?

Pics: 1, 2, 3
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Response by poster: @elsietheeel Hmm. I always thought passionfruit seeds had a black or dark-colored germ. Neat!
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Maypop, Passiflora incarnata.
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It's not "commercial" passionfruit. Maypop is native to the US, while the (ironically) more familiar Passionfruit is native to South America.
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