Looking for a Big Ten friendly sports bar near Laguna Beach
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Where can I watch the Mich/Mich State game somehwere near Laguna Beach CA? Looks like it's only on the Big Ten Network (For some reason I thought there was major network coverage). Any ideas of a sports bar so comprehensive as to carry the Big Ten network?
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It's a bit old, but this map might help.

You might also want to try contacting the UM Club of LA.
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It's not near Laguna, but Coney Dog LA (Sunset & San Vicente, Hollywood) is owned by Michiganders and is playing the MSU-UM game today. (btw, go blue!)
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Rudy's in Newport Beach is where we always go to watch MSU, and there's usually a good turnout for the other Big 10 team also.
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I've heard Rudy's mentioned before by people down in the beach cities. There are other options up in LA proper, but that would be a long schlep.

Go green! Go white!
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