Where to find a good online vendor for hard-to-find DVDs?
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Any recommendations for an online vendor for out-of-print/never-released films on DVD, specifically classic musicals. I'm looking for copies of The Big Broadcast, The Big Broadcast of 1936 and The Big Broadcast of 1937. I've seen a few vendors online, but have no idea of their reliability or the quality of their product.
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The Wikipedia entries for both films say that they have not been issued on DVD. If true, anything you get will probably be at best a low/lower-quality scrape off some satellite TV feed.

More generally, for non-horror and non-shlock movies you could look at mondokims and moviesunlimited.

Back in the day you could rent most anything musical/noir/screwball-related from Evergreen Video on Carmine St in NYC. (On VHS, at least.) But the owner Steve Feltes finally got beaten down by the internet and closed a few years ago.
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