What is this puppy's name?
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Name my scrappy survivor terrier puppy?

This is our new puppy. She is about 10 weeks old, we think, and some sort of terrier mix - border terrier? She has survived a lot in her short life and is the only remaining member of her litter although you would never know it from her demeanor. She is a little shy and cautious still, but seems hardy, smart and playful.

Pictures here.

Names we like:
Winnie (but our friends already have a dog with this name, which is a little weird maybe)
Rooney (but may be too similar in sound to our cat, Dewey)
Wren (but my wife says it reminds her of Ren and Stimpy)

We like people names that are a bit unusual or nicknames. We like names that end in an "ee" sound (Emmy, Mattie, etc.) We'd like something either tomboy-ish or old-fashioned or both. Bonus points for a name that has a meaning like strong or brave, but it's not a necessity.

Right now we call her "nugget" or "dumpling" but it's time to give her a proper name. Suggestions? Votes?
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Maybe Bernie, short for Bernadette? It apparently means "brave as a bear"
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Scrappy seems appropriate.
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That is a border terrier, and she is gorgeous. I have a border terrier. Border terriers are awesome. Congratulations on your little fluffball!

I know a few border terriers in my circle; these are their names:

Truman (mine)

What about Hilde (hill-dee), short for Hildegard (of Bingen)?

p.s. This is my first dog, but Truman is 6 months old. If you have any border-specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them! If yours is anything like mine, she will love cheese and salmon.
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My Wheaten terrier's name is Sully. Sullivan apparently means "little dark eye."
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I know it doesn't end in the "ee" sound, but the very first name that came to mind when you described her, "hardy, smart and playful," (and those pictures! squee!) and what you wanted to convey, "boy-ish or old-fashioned," was Scout.

She's a Scout.
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Louise. But call her Weezie.
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I really like Winnie*

But also
Clementine (clem for short)

oh- and here is a list of the most popular names of the 1890's. there are a lot of cute, unusual names there.

*mostly because it reminds me of my childhood black lab called whitney
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Henrietta (maybe Henri for short?) popped into my head for some reason when I saw the pictures.
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I have a terried mix named Zooey. I love the name, and it seems to fit double-e criteria.
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How about naming her after another fierce and scrappy and awesome lady?

Harriet. (Could be one of many amazing Harriets. Harry for short :-)
Lucy (Lucy Stone)
Susie (Susie B. Anthony)
Lizzie (Elizabeth Cady Stanton)
Margaret - (Margaret Stanger. Birth control pioneer. Maggie for short)

Magnolia (Maggie) -- didn't you move to Durham?
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Zoey is also super cute.
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Drew - as in Nancy - but I also like Harry.
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(Looks like a border terrier to me. I had one as a kid. They are the best.)
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Even though she's a girl she reminds me of Benji, (wasn't Benji actually a girl too?). I like S names: Sadie, Sally, Sookie, Sandy.

Whatever name you give her will be nicknamed anyway, if you're like us: Sadie becomes Saysay, Sadiegirl, Sadiekins. So pick a name that works for that.
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On the Benji front, if you want to be obscure and (also!) relevant, "Cindy" is the name of the girl Benji rescues in "For The Love of Benji."
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My Yorkie is Geiger's Butch Cassidy. His brother is Sundance Kid and sisters Etta Place and Kate Starr.
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Awww, what a sweetie! Love Hildy, not just for Hildegard of Bingen, but fast-talking reporter Hildy in His Girl Friday. Or for an actual daring female journalist, Nellie Bly?
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I really like Maddy, short for Madeleine. And she's adorable!
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My Yorkie is a man of great personality. His name is Frankie, but he regularly gets called, and answers to 'Poops', 'Pooper', 'Wigs', 'Mr. Wiggles', and 'little baby puppy'....Frankie is a great name for a girl dog, too. Terriers are terrific! Your little one looks like an adorable gal! Hope you all enjoy many happy years together.
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Beautiful pup. Looks like a Rascal to me.
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May Day
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Her name is Augusta; Gussie for short.
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Blisterlips was right with Gertie, but he spelled it wrong.

I would name her Gertie, but refer to her as my sweet little potato and then end up calling her Spudly or Squidge quite often.
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Think about calling and so on. You don't want to feel like an idiot, and it should roll off your tongue with ease in a variety of contexts.

I think two syllable names are best, with a good vowel sound as the second syllable.

So, after all that, I think Scrappy is good except it's close to "Crappy".

Whatever you do, please don't use "Doughty" mentioned above, 'cause that's what I named my wire fox terrier.
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When I looked at her pics, the name Edith just came to me-Edie, for short. She's lovely.
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She's a Skipper/Skippy! Skippy the scamp!
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Don't know why but Ginny immediately sprung to mind!
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Molly -- Unsinkable Molly Brown, who survived (among other things) the sinking of the Titanic.

She's a beautiful little snuggler who deserves all of the love you can dump on her. Congratulations!
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Sandy. I saw those eyes and immediately thought of Sandy from "Annie".
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She's got big feet. How about Pawlie?
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Thanks for all the suggestions! We really liked several of them, but her other mama still likes Rooney the best, so Rooney it is!

Better pictures of our looney Rooney.
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