Help plan my road trip in south PA!
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Road Trip (sort of) with my boyfriend this Monday from Pottstown, PA, to Hanover, PA, to Chambersburg, PA, then back to Pottstown. Any Mefites know of things to do/places to go along the way to make it fun?

My new job (yay!!) involves me driving from grocery store to grocery store, and spending 1-2 hours at each. Monday I only have two, but the first is in Hanover, PA and the second in Chambersburg. The scenery is so beautiful that my SO and I thought we'd make a road trip of it, but i'd also like to map out some places to stop along the way there/back that would be fun. We're scifi/fantasy nerdy, outdoorsy, not big drinkers, and open to new things!
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If you have lived in Pottstown for a while, these may be familiar to you.

Saint Peters Village has hiking trails. French Creek State Park and Hopewell Furnace are outdoor destinations - hiking at both; disc golf and a body of water at the latter. Nolde Forest offers hiking trails. The pagoda in Reading can be nice to visit. I've been told about a robot museum near Reading but I don't have further information.
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should have said we live in Pottstown - so looking for things closer to the two destinations
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The last time I went out that way we went to Gettysburg Battlefield and also stopped at the Shoe House, which is near York. I'm not sure the Shoe House is open every day though.
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There's skydiving in Chambersburg . . .
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Lots to do around Gettysburg, including the battlefield. If you have time after your Gettysburg stop, take a side road to see some of the apple orchards and buy fruit. Boyer's, to name just one, is in a beautiful setting and is only a few miles off Route 30; turn right at the flashing light on Route 30 near Cashtown and then a mile or so later make a left turn at their sign.

Caledonia State Park is right along route 30 between Gettysburg and Chambersburg, if you want a little break.

Not far south of Chambersburg, on Route 11, Trickling Springs Creamery makes their own fantastic ice cream and huge sandwiches.

Downtown Chambersburg has a great used book store on North Main Street and lots of thrift shops on South Main.
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