undocumented narratives
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Looking for first-person narratives from undocumented immigrants to the United States.

Any text medium is fine-- whether book, article, someone's Livejournal post, etc. I'm equally interested in the passage process and daily life once arrived. Narratives from relatives/friends/etc. of undocumented people are ok, but what I don't want is third-person journalistic pieces (unless the subjects are quoted very, very liberally). I'm not looking for any specific sending nationality, but Spanish-language material is workable for me. Really, a diversity of different nationalities, cultures, upbringings, life situations, circumstances, outcomes, etc. would be terrific. But hit me with whatever you got!

Thanks all.
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Jose Vargas wrote this famous article for the New York Times.
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Things I'll Never Say: Stories of Growing Up Undocumented in the United States. Available on the Educators for Fair Consideration website.
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Being familiar with their work, I suspect that Vollmann in Imperial and Conover in Coyotes may well qualify as journalists who quote subjects very liberally in their respective books. But I can't say for sure.
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