Where can I buy Mo Yan's book online (in chinese, not translated)?
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Where can I buy Mo Yan's books "Red Sorghum" and "The Garlic Ballads" in traditional Chinese? (not the English translation)?

I've tried Amazon and Yesasia... but haven't quite figured out how to search for the chinese titles (or if they're even sold on amazon/yesasia). Any help is appreciated! TIA
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Best answer: Red Sorghum
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Best answer: The Garlic Ballads

Here are the steps I used: Look up Mo Yan on wikipedia. I then looked up the Chinese characters of his name on Google which led to his Baidu wiki page. The Baidu wiki page lists his works in Chinese, which I then copied and pasted into Google along with "yesasia" to find the product pages.
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Best answer: Yes Asia is a lot more expensive than Amazon.cn.
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