How to look like something you can't see?
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How do I dress as a black hole for Halloween?

My plan is to wear all black clothing, and maybe black face paint. Can you think of any other cues to indicate that I'm a black hole (besides a "Hello My Name Is ... Black Hole" sticker?). Thanks!
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Best answer: Don't forget the accretion disc (hula hoop, maybe?) and polar jets (not a clue.)
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Cover yourself in velcro or sticky stuff and 'suck' objects onto it throughout the evening.
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Best answer: Don't forget to carry a small battery operated vacuum...
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A yoyo can simulate a black hole eating a star.
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Maybe you could make a hat that looks like one of those general relativity diagrams. Or you could draw it on your shirt with some white fabric paint.

Also, make sure that whatever make up you decide doesn't get confused as blackface, especially if you're in the US. (Depends on your audience. A group in my college dressed up as the dancing itunes shadows and painted their faces black and caught all sorts of flack for it.)
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Best answer: Instead of dressing all in black, you could make yourself a galaxy print shirt and use a circle-shaped stencil to mask off an untouched area in the center. Kinda like this, but with a different shape.
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A black ski mask or something similar (pantyhose?) might be easier and less time-consuming than paint.

Along with stars and planets, maybe attach little replicas or toys of famous spacecraft like the Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon.
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You'll need to eliminate anyone who sees you up close. Nobody gets close to a black hole and lives to tell the tale.

That, or just wear all back and sport the above-mentioned accretion disc.
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My brother dressed as a black hole as a kid - a hula hoop featured prominently in the costume design. Somehow my mom set it up so it was vertical to him instead of horizontal, and used a spacey-vortex fabric on it.

He still had to explain it, but he looked awesome.
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Best answer: Wear a black cape with which to envelop those who come too close to you.
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My astronomy professor did this one year, and IIRC, he just wore all black. No face paint, he just wore a black hoodie. However, he also threw out candy to the class as Hawking radiation.
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A black lycra zentai suit sidesteps the blackface issue.
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Dress is black, as above, but the shirt (long sleeve, black) you print out this picture on one of those tee-shirt iron-on kits (you can get it at any craft store) and then iron the picture on the front and back of the shirt.
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Wear an exposed trumpet-shaped hoop skirt/crinoline on top of the black ensemble.
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Vertical black-covered disc shape (or space-y pattern) with a hole cut in the center. Reach out periodically and snatch food from other partiers' plates.
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The thing about black holes is, there are lots of things more interesting about them than just being black. Lots of things are black. Black holes distort spacetime! You really need some sort of trumpet shape in there - a skirt would be ideal, as your head then appears to be the hyperdense centre, but I guess you could get away . What would be cool would be having objects attached to it which demonstrate the stretching and extreme distortion matter undergoes in proximity to a black hole. If you look for visualisations of black holes you should get some inspiration.

Personally I am a purist about costumes and think 98% of all costumes that rely on actions/mime to make them cool are not thereby made cool. Reaching out and snatching food isn't even a good 'mime' for a black hole anyway; if you were going to do it properly you would have to eat all food that came within 20cm of your mouth. And then you would be sick.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the excellent ideas!
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