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Looking for Classical art of the human form of the Ancient Greek primordial deity of darkness Erebos/Erebus/Erberus.

In particular I want to find out what symbols/objects he was associated with which would clearly identify him. I'm aware he's not a deity that was actively worshipped or prominent at all so "there aren't really any" is a valid answer.

My attempts at searching are being overwhelmed by the large number of things named after him.
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Best answer: He wasn't personified. He's just darkness itself. Not all Greek gods were anthropomorphic.
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Best answer: A good source for this sort of thing, I've found, is theoi.com , which usually has classical art and the relevant quotations if it exists.

No art for Erebus, but you can read the actual references in the classics. I'm just getting a lot of fog and darkness, personally.
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You may however think of Nyx, the primordial goddess of the night who was sometimes crowned with an aereole of dark mist. The best known sculpture of Nyx is a wall platter at the V&A in London with night as a callow woman carrying her two daughters, Hypnos and her half-sister Thanatos while floating through air inside a misty air.
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Searches for Erebos, Erebus, and Erberus in ArtSTOR retrieve no results for the classical period.
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Response by poster: theoi.com seems to agree he wasn't personified so that's what I'm going with
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