What is the Google Search of other countries?
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What are the best non-English or non-U.S. search engines? Google is the leader in the U.S., but Russian users prefer Yandex from what I understand, and Baidu is the top choice in China. What other search engines prevail in other countries or locales?

I am particularly interested in web search, but if you know of another interesting service, I'd like to hear about it too. Locale-specific adoption of U.S.-based services such as MSN Messenger in the UK or orkut in Brazil are also welcome, especially some lesser-known examples.
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gs.statcounter.com (select search engine)

Search Engine Market Share by Country
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Naver is pretty popular in South Korea!
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I had a conversation with an IT journalist in Sweden recently about this. He said that up to 95%+ of Swedish search goes through Google (google.se primarily), followed by Bing and Yahoo. But a few other popular search sites include:

eniro.se (my go-to Swedish person finder, and it has awesome maps and flyover photos of some cities)
www.hitta.se (to find people or phone numbers, mostly)

infoo.se has its root in Sunet, the "official" web catalog of Sweden in the 1990:s
starta.nu is a popular "web portal" with search. I think up to 30% of the search landing on my Swedish song lyrics page comes from this search engine.
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Yup. I came in to say Naver in S. Korea. I've actually found it more useful that google.co.kr for searching for drug names.
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