I have material needs
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What stores in the Seattle region are like TAP Plastics but for other materials?

I'm interesting in finding material-specific retailers along the line of TAP Plastics. I do know of a foam rubber store, for example. What about other rubber products? Aluminum, sheet metal, etc.

I'm not talking about what I can find at Lowe's or Home Depot, or even McLendon's -- although they do carry many more esoteric items.

For example, I was thinking of building a custom aluminum hard case if I could get my hands on the corners, edges, textured sheets, etc.

I'm also wishing I could get rubber in various thicknesses/hardnesses for home projects. (I love stall mats but those are usually too thick and too big.)
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Best answer: Online Metals' shop is just south of the Ballard bridge, and you can pick up orders in person.

The U district has Ali & Joe's Friendly Foam Shop, which is probably what you're referring to in your question.

There are still some contractors' supply stores along Stone Way, and they will usually sell to the public.

There used to be a place called Metal Shorts in Sodo that would sell you random offcuts for cheap. I don't know if they're still there.

I assume you're aware of Hardwick's.
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Best answer: Creation Station has some interesting stuff. It's aimed at artists and teachers, not manufacturers, but it's worth a visit.
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Best answer: Alaskan Copper and Brass.
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Best answer: Seattle Fabrics specializes in outdoor fabrics. There's a similar shop in... Mukilteo? Tukwilla? Somewhere around here, where you can get swimsuit fabric by the yard; I can track that store down if you're interested.
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Response by poster: Good stuff. Keep 'em coming.
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Edensaw in Port Townsend specializes in exotic hardwoods.
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Pacific Industrial in South Park.
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Hm, Pacific Industrial's website says they have a surplus yard. I'm sure it's no substitute for the late lamented Boeing Surplus (whose bounty grows in my memory with each passing year) but how good is it?
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