Cultural Outreach in the Greater LA Area?
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Tips for finding out about diplomatic cultural outreach events in greater L.A. area?

When I lived in NYC I really enjoyed going to events put on by various cultural/diplomatic attaches. It seemed a piece of cake to find out about the Tasmanian film exhibition, concerts by some Finnish folk group, or some various thing. I really enjoyed these events because I could get turned on to some stuff I'd never find out about on my own, it was an excuse to get out and about, and (face it) they were cheap entertainment often with appetizers and wine from the place in question.

I really miss these things and my google-fu has failed me in LA. Any tips or tricks, listservers, or the like to get in the loop on these events would be really appreciated. Or am I just barking up an empty tree and this is one of those "Well, NYC is the center of the universe" things?
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The consulates in the area put on and sponsor some really cool events

For example, the Finnish and Italian consulates put on some wild pre-parties for Filter's Culture Collide fest earlier this month, the French consulate sponsors OohLaLa Festival. I'm sure that the consulates have some type of listserv, but I find out about a lot of these types of things through HiddenLA & The SceneStar. (oh! FlavorPill has been good, too! Especially for some of the more internationally-oriented events).

I'll do some digging and see if there are any listservs from local consulates; that'd actually be awesome!
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There probably just aren't as many diplomatic missions in LA - NY has much older immigrant populations and the United Nations. There's a list on Wikipedia: If there's any in particular countries you're interested in, write the consulate and tell them you're interested in their cultural events and if they have a mailing list you'd love to be added to it.
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Check out the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. Also, many consulates have newsletters or related Chambers of Commerce, for example French-American Chamber of Commerce, that post upcoming activities.
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BritWeek is usually in April/May.
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Best answer: Austrian Consulate has an email newsletter of events.
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The annual Songkran Festival in Hollywood is a blast.
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