No wonder these programs are off the radar...
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I'm looking for blogs on trade school/skilled trades, career and community college related subjects, ideally Canadian friendly (but anything helps!).

Any casual web browsing basically gets you deluged with information targeted towards future and current university students. If I hadn't spent the past two weeks crawling program pages of community colleges and secretary schools, you'd think this was the only post secondary choice out there.

However I want to read about studying to be a mechanic, a carpenter, a hair dresser, an admin, an electrician apprentice, a graduate from a six month hospitality program... All the vocational track stuff, basically. It can be students, people taking about the actual careers, hell, readable online essays that are one offs would be fine.

Who is writing about this, if anyone? My google fu fails me completely, as all I can find is spammy linkbait, government websites and non-content rich web pages from actual service providers or European stuff, which while nice to know that Germany has a strong vocational track I can't even find much activism on the subject except for OMGOBAMAROMNEYEDUCATIONREFORM!!!111!!! style screaming or information poor "consider trades!", which to be honest has zero utility because it doesn't talk about what you do when you do it, just that you should do it.
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NAIT has a variety of relevant blogs. They're somewhat specific to the particular institution, but a cursory look indicates that many of the individual posts are speaking about their subject areas fairly broadly rather than "if you come to NAIT, you'll learn this."

Links to the blog directories are here and here. Some appear to be student blogs, while others are written by instructors and other staff.
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