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I'm a moderate pot smoker to help with my insomnia and back pains. My local medical marijuana dispensary is selling stellar kief at great prices (less costly than pot, even.) I love to 'snowcap' my bowl of herb with kief, but lately I'm thinking maybe I should skip the herb and just burn the trichomes. My current glass pot pipe isn't going to do the trick - what's the best pipe these days for kief? Anyone switched from herb to just kief? Experiences? Drawbacks?
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I too enjoy a good kief smoke.
They make glass pipes which resemble bongs yet have a key difference. They are made for extractions. As such, these pipes have a metal clip with a small plate above a wide opening for the water pipe. These are pretty neat for hash and to be honest kief for all intensive purposes is just non pressed hash. The metal plate is heated with a torch lighter and rises into the top opening. Price wise they seem to be a bit more expensive than ones traditional bong ($75-150).
Even cheaper, get a "crack pipe". Drop the kief in the small hole,heat glass and enjoy. They can be a pain to clean but are cheap enough (~$7) to just buy new ones. Be careful because the thin class heats up very quickly and its easy to burn yourself on accident.
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A vaporizer sounds like the ticket to me.
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handbanana, that's a great idea - next time I'm at a bodega on the seedier side of town I'll pick up a crack pipe! As a bonus, if I ever decide it's time for me to try crack, I'll have the gear.
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Glad my toking skills can be put to good use! A vap isnt a terrible idea either, yet quality vaps demand high prices.
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An old-school hash pipe would probably also work.
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I just smoke it out of my little metal regular bowl pipe. With a pre-resinated screen the kief doesn't fall through the holes or anything.

Alternatively, you can get your self a pollen press that compresses the kief into hash. Or put it in wax paper and iron it on low until it melds.

And yeah, kief is hash. Since you've live in a magical dispensary state you could just get some hash.
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Baking is a great option. Be careful with dosages though!
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And yeah, kief is hash. Since you've live in a magical dispensary state you could just get some hash.

The dispensaries in my area don't offer hash, as there are unresolved legal issues with concentrated cannabis even in a medical mj state. Kief, though, is A-OK. Brownies, cookies and tinctures are available too but edibles never did much for me.

I might try picking up some screens for my glass pot pipe (currently, I'm dropping a little bit of herb at the bottom of the bowl and giving it a healthy snowcap of kief.) Between this and my forthcoming crack pipe, I should be squared away nicely.
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You can make a DIY kief press from a mechanical pencil, or even just a pencil and some paper. Then you can turn out convenient little kiefpucks which can be smoked in a standard pipe.
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Update: Kief press works great. Also, I picked up a crack pipe which is working out really well!

Only drawback - I just lost my job due to a debilitating addiction to rock cocaine, but that's one for another AskMe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #YOLO
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