Job interview in a few days. Help me speak banking?
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What sites or articles can I read to cram for a job interview at a large consumer bank?

Interviewing in a few days for a project support role at the head office of a bank. The job description doesn't require someone with knowledge of the banking industry per se, but I'd like to show some initiative and do some reading of banking industry websites or books on consumer behaviour in relation to banking, because I really want to ace the interview.

I understand project management, but not finance. I am looking for the best sites carrying articles and analysis on banking trends, particularly ones that might be aimed specifically at people in the industry.

I know I can't learn 'banking' in a few days but there might be banking industry mefites with some pearls of wisdom.

Help me ace this!
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Some things I read fairly regularly, they do skew technical because of the nature of my own job (at a very large US bank). Note also that a lot of industry publications have deeper paid content as well as what they offer free on the web:

American Banker

Bank Technology News (tech arm of American Banker)

Newsletters and conference content from Net.Finance

Bank Systems and Technology

Javelin Strategy and Research

It might be interesting to research where your prospective employer is focusing their own growth over the upcoming months and years - are they solidly a consumer bank who wish to expand their branch footprint? Have they acquired regional banks and regularly struggle with integration issues? Are they making a full-court-press into the Small Business market (but then who isn't)? Knowing that about them in advance might help you pick up on cues as you read and make the information stick better.
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Playing off that: I suspect it's not the answer you're looking for, maybe because you already know this, but definitely poke around every crevice of the bank's site. Someone doing that before interviewing with me would show interest in learning more about the field and our firm, as well as that they'd take the job seriously.
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Thanks for both answers, incredibly helpful.
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