Do iTunes security question failed attempts reset after a wait time?
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Apparently, I didn't keep the answers to my iTunes security authorization questions. I think I can guess my answers with a few more tries, but I might get locked out before I get there. Will the wrong answer count reset back to zero after a wait time? Meaning, can I try again tomorrow, or will I still get locked out?

I still know my account password, but to authorize a new iDevice for app purchases, I need some security answers that I don't remember setting.

I know the easiest thing SHOULD be to contact tech support and reset the answers, but after a bit of googling, it appears that in recent months (after some iCloud hacking or data loss.?.) the only way to achieve this is via phone. A hassle for me, since mine is a US account but I live abroad. Also I hear the phone reset process requires the last 4 of my CC#, which doesn't work with my account currently set to payment via Paypal.

So if any of the reset process has changed recently, or there are workarounds, I'm open to suggestions on the resetting front as well.
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Okay, no answers yet, so my further googling has led me to the iTunes store section of the Apple forums.

Tons of people have this same problem. And understandably as I assumed these questions would be for password recovery (and moot for me since I use password managers). But now I find out these are not for recovery but for verifying accounts on new iDevices.

So according to the Apple forumites, there may be some hacky fixes for verifying my device while bypassing the security questions, but I'd still prefer to know what the answers are for future use.
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Have you asked your specific question in the Apple forums?
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I usually prefer the expertise of mefites over other forums, but perhaps this is too specific. I'll try on the Apple forum, and if I find the answer I'll report back.
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Going to mark this resolved. Posted on Apple, but before I got things sorted with them, I guessed my security answers correctly anyways.
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