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Help me find a bag suitable for an Ankh-Morpork Postmaster General!

I'm getting a head-start on my Postmaster General costume for Dragon*Con and am looking for a bag evocative of an old-fashioned postman's bag. I will actually be using this bag to carry convention swag in it (plus it would probably be used for general carry), so it needs to be sturdy.

Repros and "vintage-inspired" new bags are fine, though I am having problems finding bags that are suitably large enough in size and simple in design (one big flap, no side pockets or extra buckles). I am good with restoring an actual antique, but can't do much beyond fix stitching and recondition the leather. Markings should be non-existent or subtle (a problem on most vintage USPS bags), as I want to mod the bag with an "Ankh-Morpork Post Office" emblem. Weathering is not a problem and is generally desired, as long as it doesn't hurt the strength of the bag.

Budget would ideally be around $200-300, more for a really nice piece. I am already keeping tabs on eBay, Etsy, and of course, my local surplus and vintage shops.
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Best answer: I am envious of your costume. You need the J. Peterman Mailbag, a few friends to scratch it for you (it is so pretty, you will have a hard time doing it yourself) and some baseball glove conditioner to darken it up.
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The XL shell bag from Frost River? Bonus: made in America.
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I have a bag from this leather worker (etsy site), and I can vouch that the quality is outstanding.

I bought mine (looks like this one) in person (she sells her bags on Spring St in NYC) and I call it my Indiana Jones bag. (Although instead of interesting artifacts, I use it to ferry important papers and computer around)
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Don't forget the gold suit. (The link is just a suggestion. Obviously, a gold suit needs be only two things: a suit, and gold.)
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Haversack! They're like 12 bucks at your local Army/Navy
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Response by poster: ubiquity, don't worry -- my suit is going to be pretty close to the movie version. The bag is just my current obsession, as I need a new daily carry bag anyway!
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My apologies: I don't have time to go through The British Postal Museum & Archive, but the images of postal carriers may be of help to you.
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Did you see this Traditional Styled Mail Satchel? OOOOOOH, pretty.
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Best answer: Hi yes I came in to answer with the J. Peterman Mailbag but see that bensherman has got you covered. I just wanted to say that my roommate has one and it is 1. gorgeous 2. huge 3. thus far indestructible.
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Response by poster: The J. Peterman bag looks absolutely amazing! (I also have some bag lust for all the other links, thanks very much everyone!)
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