god i hate scrubbing tile
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Recommendations for housecleaning services in Philadelphia?

We're looking for somebody to come through our place once or twice a month and take care of certain chores that we hate doing, like scrub grout in the bathtub, wipe down the dish rack, and vacuum under the $%&*@#$ furniture. We would prefer not to go with a big company that treats their employees poorly.

Any recommendations?

Bonus question: ballpark estimates for what it should cost? It's a 3BR/2.5 bathroom place with three floors inhabited by two we-don't-enjoy-cleaning professionals. We don't have pets that live outside cages.
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We used Dos Funny Frogs for a while. Green cleaning products. Always satisfied. Their rates were based on how often they came. For a two-story 2BR/1.5BA, it was $110 the first time, 89 monthly, 89 bi-weekly, and 79 weekly. (That's paying cash; there's a surcharge for check or credit. It was also more than a year ago.) I would estimate 30-50% more for you, but who knows. They'll give you an estimate via e-mail.
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One of my tenants left a huge mess when she moved out, so I put an ad on Craigslist offering $20/hour cash to clean the unit. I got a ton of responses and chose one because she replied to the ad using her real name, and her smile was friendly and innocent-looking on her FB page; real scientific, I know. I checked in on her hourly the first time she came, just to see if she was doing a good job. She turned out to be AWESOME- cleans like a genie, young, sweet, considerate, totally trustworthy, very conscientious. She's new to the country, so cash-in-hand helps her out. She now cleans several of my friends' houses; they all love her, too.
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As a follow-up to this, we ended up going with DB Cleaning. They were recommended to me by a coworker, and they aren't the cheapest on the block, but they're awesome.
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