Gift for the friend who officiated my wedding
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MeFites, can you help me think of an appropriate gift for the friend who officiated my wedding?

We were planning on paying for E. and his wife's hotel room for the 2 nights, but they ended up not staying either night. I would like to give him a thoughtful thank-you gift that shows how much I appreciate him being there for me and for doing such a great job. They are expecting their first child in December and I was considering giving something for the baby, but on the other hand I will probably be sending them a baby gift after the baby is born, anyway, so maybe not.

What can I give E. that would express my gratitude and appreciation?
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Do you live nearby? If so, I'd send coupons for free babysitting, to be redeemed whenever they're ready for a night out alone together. Your friend gave you a wonderful start to your marriage; now you can give him and his wife some quality time in their marriage.
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Is E a regular minister, or just a friend who did it as a favor?
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Just a friend who did it as a favor, and unfortunately, he lives several states away so babysitting isn't really an option.
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Having ministered a few weddings, I've never expected a gift before. I don't think I ever got any in fact.

Because it's you're wedding the focus is on you.

I'd say a nice letter or card would be best. Something emotionally tied to the event of the wedding.

I was expecting a baby while officiating a wedding and I don't think I would have made the connection to a baby gift. Baby gifts are super forgettable.
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Just send them something for the baby now with a note that's all about your gratitude. Give another baby gift when the baby's born with a note that's all about congrats on the new baby.
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We gave our officiant a nice card with a note, and a gift certificate for dinner at a nice restaurant.
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I bet that your friend is in a ton of pictures from the ceremony (either professional or taken by friends). If you can find a really good one (or a really good one of him and his wife from the reception) then framing it and sending it along with a nice note would be a really thoughtful gesture.
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The best gift I ever received for officiating a wedding was a Leatherman tool. Honorable mention goes to a sharpening stone in a nice wooden box, a piece of hand-made jewelry, a silk scarf, and a framed photo of me with the couple.
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I've officiated weddings in the past where the couples have (unprompted) gifted me with a nice bottle of whisky or a pair of cufflinks, which I have appreciated; but what has always unfailingly given me a smile have been personalized wedding pictures and a thank you note that I can keep in an album.
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When I officiated at a wedding, the couple gave me a lovely framed picture of me and my partner, taken at the reception by the official photographer. I can't think of a nicer gesture.
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