Program for kids about music, hosted by an african american trumpet player.
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Looking for a TV program for kids about music, hosted by an african american trumpet player.

It was a program I saw about fifteen to twenty years ago in the UK. It was the guy’s own show as opposed to a segment in another show. He was a youngish African USAmerican or Canadian and I'd be tempted to call him a jazz player rather than a classical musician. He explained the three simple components - rhythm, melody and harmony, and I think he had loads of kids sitting at the front and an orchestra behind. That’s all I’ve got.

I already have Howard Goodall’s How Music Works, if you were thinking of suggesting it, which is excellent, but too complex for small kids.
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I think I saw that same program, and I think it must have been part of Marsalis on Music. The segment I saw also had the cellist Yo-Yo Ma.
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(Marsalis on Music aired in 1995).
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Right on the button! That was a speedy response muddgirl. Thanks.
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I used that as a music teacher in Ga in 1995 and Wynton Marsalis came through our town and met with my students when we went to his concert. Awesome guy!! I'm going to buy this for my kids!! Great series!!
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