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What are the biggest tombstones around the US & Canada that are located in cemeteries rather than large tombs themselves?

I was more interested in actual gravestones for a single person or a couple, but I suppose for the sake of argument that mausoleums in a cemetery would count as well, but I'm more interested in actual graves.

The question has been passing through my mind the last week or two and I figured this is a good place to ask.
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I don't know how big tombstones get but your question made me think of the Addison Baker tombstone in Riverside cemetary near Denver, Colorado. It's a life size horse. I always loved it when I was a kid.
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The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers is part of Arlington National Cemetery.

So is JFK's grave.
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Detroit's Woodmere cemetery (where some of my family is buried) has some impressively large monuments.

(Self link warning.)

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3
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Many family tombs look like miniature houses, complete with iron fences. The rows of tombs resemble streets--and this is why New Orleans burial plots quickly became known as cities of the dead.

New Orleans cemeteries also known as Cities of the dead
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The Massey Family tomb in a cemetery in Toronto is pretty ginormous. A former PM's tomb in Ottawa is large for a single grave.
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Response by poster: The Massey Family tomb in a cemetery in Toronto is pretty ginormous

Holy shit! That's amazing
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Detroit's Woodlawn Cemetery also has a large collection of big mausoleums, such as the Dodge brothers' mausoleum. For the US anyway, find out where there was a ton of "new money" in the late 19th century, very early 20th century, and there you will find big ostentatious tombs.
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Another from Mt Pleasant Cemetary in Toronto.
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This monument in Raleigh NC is not super huge, but it's pretty big and it has a story behind it that is interesting.

This pyramid in Greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn NY. This pyramid is in Hope Cemtery in Barre Vermont where there are a lot of other interesting gravestones.

This tombstone in NJ is the size if a full sized Mercedes (it was made in VT).
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This is only part of the tomb of the Molson family in Montreal’s Mount Royal cemetery. There are two more façades the same size on a lower terrace. Here's a close-up of one of the doors.
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Delgado tomb, Delgado Community College is named for him.
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Lincoln's Tomb is pretty enormous.

So is Roland Burris's - especially when you consider that he's not even dead.
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Graceland Cemetery has famously ostentatious tombs. [pic is Palmer family tomb.]
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Historic Oakland Cemetary in Atlanta has some really big ones.... On phone so can't link but its easy to Google. Beautiful too...
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