Plus-size, professional, don't want to freeze to death.
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This is the first winter I've routinely been going to work in a suit (mostly skirts, sometimes trousers). I need a winter coat that's going to work with this, and also with the fact that I'm a size ~18.

Something warm enough for Ohio and the fact that my car takes some time to warm up. Black, ideally, and under $200 or so, although I'm willing to be a bit flexible with that if it's something that's really going to hold up well--I'd like to get a couple years out of it, anyway.

I'm in my early 30s, and so I don't want anything that looks too much like my mother would wear it, either. Not that my mother wears suits to work, nor any of the other women in my family, so I'm a little lost on that end of things.
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You might try this from The Gap. I'm an 18, and I can pretty much guarantee you that I'm a bigger 18 than you, and I have a similar coat from them that actually worked pretty well.
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I asked for a coat recommendation a couple of weeks ago, you might be able to find some things you like in the responses.

I ended up ordering the ASOS Swing Coat because it fit my style best, but the Land's End coats linked there look amazing (wool and cashmere blends!) and like they'd work well with suits.

All credit goes to bluefly for the wonderful recommendations.
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I was going to recommend a pea coat that goes past the hips. Something like this one from Macy's is pretty attractive, modern, and slimming (I like the blue better but it does come in black). But generally I find that style to be really attractive and slimming, and since it covers so much lengthwise they tend to be warmer than a lot of other styles.
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For cold Ohio mornings and bare legs from the skirts, I would want a longer coat (often referred to as a walker). Jones New York has a nice selectio of plus size coats, like this one -- on sale and very warm looking while look quite professional and polished.
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I have an LL Bean coat that I love, and all of their stuff has a lifetime warranty. This looks like it would be perfect for you, and it comes in straight sizes up to size 20, and in plus sizes. It's a little more than you wanted to pay, but they have sales and coupons pretty frequently, so I bet if you watch it for a couple of weeks, especially around the Veteran's Day long weekend, you'll be able to find a deal.
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Do you have a Nordstroms in your neighborhood? I bought a wonderful wool/cashmere coat there last year, keeps me warm and stylish. It is available in all sizes, from S to XXL
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Have to second the Lands' End coats...because they all come in plus sizes, are gorgeous, and very affordable! I was a bit skeptical but love my pea coat, which can be bought in an insulated version which seems better suited for an Ohio winter. Though, the swing coat may be more professional (and very cute/young/flirty)
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Ended up getting a 15% off code for LL Bean, got the 3/4 instead of the full length but it's excellent.
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