Car or no car in Aspen/Snowmass?
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Should I ditch my car for the winter while working in Snowmass Village?

I have a car, am planning on driving it to Colorado (Aspen/Snowmass) for winter employment, but am just now considering leaving the car and flying in, leaving me on bus service. How good/bad idea an idea would be going carless for the winter? My car is in reasonable shape, but has been prone to troubles over the past 2 years, but should be good to go for the trip. Also, it is a front wheel drive civic, so driving in the snow is challenging even in Oregon's small snowfall amounts. I've been carless as an adult previously, so I have some experience with this.

I do generally LOVE driving, but i'm worried somewhat that it will be a waste of energy/money (parking possibly at $75 a month versus leaving it for free with relatives in Oregon) having my vehicle out there.

Going carless would be entirely contingent on obtaining housing in the Aspen area which may happen, however I may be forced to commute from Basalt or even Carbondale, which would make relying on the bus system less attractive.
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Do not bring a car to Snowmass. The free shuttle system is built around employee housing. & The free buses will get you to Aspen and back (drunk) with much merriment.
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You're going to have a lot of fun but you will have more fun with out the car. You can hitch a ride when you absolutely need one, public transit was pretty good. Plus, if the car screws up out there you'd probably spend an arm and a leg to get it serviced.
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Yeah you probably don't need it. The bus to Aspen is awesome; the grocery store is just around the bend from uh "downtown" Snowmass I guess you call it.

I would not commute to Snowmass from anywhere farther than Aspen by bus.
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Response by poster: Possible commute from Basalt - could take the car or not, but would it be better at that distance with the car?
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Don't expect to reliably drive from Basalt to Snowmass Village. In fact, if it's snowing, or has snowed recently, you won't legally be able to drive a two wheel drive civic in the town.

The Roaring For Transit Authority is the 3rd largest transit network in Colorado. For some perspective, Pitkin County has like 11,000 residents. Also, gas is extraordinarily expensive here.

Situate yourself such that you can rely on the bus — for a first season, I would highly recommend Marolt Ranch for housing unless you are working for the skico in which case get yourself a slot at the Snowmass Club Commons.

Think Snow!
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