Can you help me think of creepy clown tricks?
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Can you help me think of creepy clown tricks?

I've decided to be a creepy clown for Halloween this year, and I'd like to have a repertoire of relatively simple, creepy tricks to perform. For example, I plan on asking people if they want to see a trick, then I'll blow up a balloon, pop it, and laugh in a creepy clown laugh. Simple and, hopefully, effective.

Any other ideas? Thanks!
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Anything to do with Pennywise ?
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Bleeding from the mouth.
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Yeah, my sister and I just watched Stephen King's It and Tim Curry does a lot of creepy classic clown poses and expressions that would probably help you set your "act" up if you haven't seen it recently. Can't remember off the top of my head any creepy tricks though.
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Do the pull-a-coin-from-their-ear bit, but find small disturbing objects. A small bone, a (dulled) razor blade, chewed gum, plastic insects, &c.
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I am certain that clown ministry involves lots of creepy tricks.
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Pull a rabbit out of a hat..... a dead (i.e., stuffed & 'bloody') rabbit.

Or use a hand, foot or other body part.
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I guess only do this to people who will be okay with it, but Rock Steady reminded me of the schtick where you make like you're going to pull something out of their ear, but then you just yank on their ear or a fistful of hair and remind them that you did say, "trick."

On the plus side, it doesn't require any props.
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For the Pennywise/It idea, make a paper boat out of newspaper and splatter it with red paint.

"They all float down here".
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Get one of those squirting flowers, but have it just kind of ooze blood.
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Do several slow, elaborate mime routines. Trapped in a box? Slowly suffocate. Invisible lasso? The rope turns into a horrible garrote and you strangle yourself. Honk your own red nose, only for it to fall off and you stare at it in horror.

Oh, and make sure your makeup is really intense and smeary.
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Serial killer John Wayne Gacy (aka "Pogo the Clown") had a creepy handcuff trick.
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if you draw a face on the balloon before doing it, this one might be nice.
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Pen & Teller used to do a nice gruesome trick where Teller would put a fork up to his eye and "puncture" his eyeball, while a bunch of white goop spilled out.

(he immediately reveals the trick as being nothing more than one of those little coffee creamer packs which he pokes with the fork and lets it run. )

Not sure how well this would work with face makeup, but it's definitely a shocker.
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