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Looking for a financial advisor/planner (accountant, CFP, something else?) in or around Boston for a married couple with good saving habits (see my previous question) and a reasonably healthy-sized nest egg. A couple of additional salient details inside.

Ideally, the advisor will have experience creating a bespoke financial plan that would take into account the interests in investment vehicles we own (PE funds and coinvestments), but also be able to help with the bread-and-butter questions (e.g., how large a mortgage can we afford, or helping us model the income from buying a two-family house and renting out an apartment, etc.). I can't say we're sophisticated, but we're not just starting out, and we're not trying to dig ourselves out from debt. Liquid assets in the high six figures--not looking for places with multi-million dollar minimums.

Also, I am subject to securities trading restrictions through work, so while we would want someone to help create a portfolio and advise what asset classes to buy (and maybe individual assets to purchase), we have to hold accounts at a specified institution, pre-clear and personally execute all trades, and are subject to some limitations on how we can invest. We need someone who can work around those limitations.

Obviously, we're looking for a fee-based planner, not a commission-based planner. I've seen NAPFA, but looking to supplement the directory with personal recommendations.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Happy to take any recommendations via MeMail.
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A friend recommended (based on her experience) Gerald Loftin of Proficient Wealth Counselors in Norwood. I haven't contacted him yet, but she was very pleased with his help.
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Check your MeMail for a recommendation - I work with a fee based planner who I really like , in Charlestown
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