Headsets save necks! (need a headset for cisco phone)
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I need a recommendation for a headset to buy to use with my Cisco IP Phone 7960 series, ideally over-the-ear (not over-the-head) and around $50 or less.

I'm starting to spend a lot of time on the phone at work while needing two hands free to work a keyboard and mouse. Speakerphone isn't a good option as I have co-workers on the other side of a cube-wall who don't want to hear every conference call I'm on.

My employer is on acute expense lock-down mode, so I'll have to buy this myself.

My work phone is a Cisco IP phone 7960 series.

According to the Cisco web site:

The Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960 supports a four- or six-wire headset jack (Plantronics H series compatible is required).

but when I look at the headset jack on the back of the phone I only see 4 contacts in the jack.

Bonus - if there's a headset that meets the above criteria and would also allow me to hook up an iPod to listen to music when not on the phone, that would great.
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The most popular over-ear headset is the Plantronics Mirage series.

It sounds as though the Cisco has a built-in amplifier, if not, you may need a standalone.

The best thing about the popularity and ubiquity of these headsets is that the parts are easy to obtain and fairly cheap, e.g. on eBay. Replace the earpiece cushion and voice tube if you are concerned about hygiene.

I bought a Supra series (over-the-head version) at the start of the year with external amplifier for less than $30, connecting it to a ShoreTel IP telephone with great success. Like you, I like to listen to music/radio/audiobooks/podcasts/lectures and found that I can keep my in-ear headphones on while using the headset without any trouble, the only minor issue being stopping the audio when you are answering a call - for this I mapped a keyboard shortcut to an F-key, so it's second nature to tap a key then answer.

Additionally, the Plantronics professional headsets have quick-release cables that can be connected to other devices. I also have a DAC that lets me use the same headset with VoIP or Skype on my computer.
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Great information NDD. I used a Mirage in-the-ear headset for years and recently changed jobs where my new phone is the Cisco 7961 as well. I didn't think a headset was an option so I've been going crazy.
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We use the Plantronics H91n, which also requires the cisco adapter cable with our 7900-series phones. I think any Plantronics H-series will work.

If you prefer a PC-style headset, you can use a Headset Buddy. You could then use a headphone a/b switch like this to switch between the two outputs.
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I have an alternative. It's possible to use a PC Based app from Cisco that acts as a phone, and then use a bluetooth headset with your PC.
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