21+ actually?
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There's a Boston-area shoegaze festival called Deep Heaven Now happening this weekend, and I'll be in Boston. The ads say 21+, and I'm not 21. How likely is it that I'll actually be carded? Is there a "draw Xes on your hands" option? (Also, if I can't get in, do you have any other recommendations for good live music on Friday night?)
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If it's a 21+ show, they will almost definitely card you and they will not let you in if you aren't 21+. If there were a "draw Xes" option, it would say All Ages. That is sadly the way of Boston.
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Yeah, I'm pushing 40 and I get carded every time I see a show. They take carding very seriously here.
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The only way to get around something like that is if you know the bouncer or promoter.
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Boston is such a college town that they really do card all the time.
The only trick that worked for me when I was growing up in Boston was to try to track down the band before the show and convince them to walk me in/put me on the list. It's a long shot.
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Check with the bar and see if they're going to be strict about the 21+. If you're talking about Precinct, I don't believe they ever do 18+ events and will surely not let anyone under 21 through the door. If you're looking at the PA, they do have 18+ shows, so it's possible you could turn up and talk your way in with an extra cover charge at the door.
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