Long lighters don't last long
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Are there any refillable long lighters that do not suck?

We regularly use long lighters to light the woodstove, candles, incense, etc. Unfortunately, they don't seem to last very long -- generally the sparker gives out. Can you recommend a long lighter that has the following qualities?

* Refillable
* Sturdy
* Long enough to get down to the bottom of a tall glass votive
* Under $20
* Has a torch flame (desirable but not required)

(I saw this response, looking to see if there are any new products since it was posted.)
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There is something to be said for a big bundle of those extra-long wooden matches.
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Or get something multi-purpose, like a blow-torch, though that doesn't help with your votive need (thinking more fireplace..)
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A piece of dry spaghetti is the cheapest, most reliable long lighter I've found. Just ignite one end with a regular lighter and you can LIGHT ALL THE THINGS! It may not work as well for a wood stove, depending on your kindling situation.
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Flints are pretty easily replaced. You can even use one from a cheap lighter.
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